The PontesNL mission: improving the valorisation infrastructure in the Netherlands for MedTech and Digital Health innovations. Powered by Pontes Medical, MedtechPartners and imec.istart

Want to know more? Please contact:

Joep Welschen M: +31 6 21 533 793; E: j.welschen@kplusv.nl

Luuk Evers: +31 6 27 74 41 16; E: L.A.M.Evers@umcutrecht.nl


PontesNL is a program under the wings of stichting MedtechPartners to improve the development of MedTech and Digital Health innovations in the Netherlands. Based on more then 12 years of valorisation experience of both Pontes Medical in UMC Utrecht as stichting MedtechPartners combined with over 10 years of experience of the #1 business accelerator in Europa: imec.istart. Core values: independence, open, connecting, co-creation, bridging (Pontes = bridges), custom work and realisation in practice.

PontesNL afbeelding

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