MedtechMeeting 09-09-2021 - ENROLL HERE

Celine Haukes
Celine Haukes

After 1,5 years of online meetings, we are very happy to announce that MedetchPartners will organise our next meeting offline in person again! We will be hosting the MedtechMeeting, on the 9th of September, together with our partner Spark Design in Rotterdam.


There will be limited seating for 50 people, and we will be using the "Testen voor Toegang" system. This means that, aside from signing up, you will need to bring a working QR-code in the CoronaCheck app and your identification.

To sign up for the physical meeting please enroll for this event!


Spark Design & Innovation

We design and develop meaningful and sustainable breakthrough products
Every idea deserves to be nurtured with the understanding and skills that give it the best possible chance at success. At Spark, we've been doing exactly that for over 25 years. By embracing each idea without hijacking it. By testing with prototypes early and often, thus literally giving the idea its physical form. 

By occasionally pulling the brakes or being obstructive when ambition and feasibility come too far apart. But above all, we do this by giving every idea the best of our multidisciplinary expertise and abilities in product development, design and strategy.

CoronaCheck app
We will be using the CoronaCheck app to grant access. Please download the CoronaCheck App and prepare a legitimate QR code as following:

  1. Get tested or vaccinated. If you’ve been vaccinated, had coronavirus before or didn’t have coronavirus at the time of testing, you get access to certain locations or countries.

  2. Make a QR code. Turn your vaccination record or positive / negative test result into a QR code. This is your certificate.

  3. Show the QR code. To get access to the MedtechMeeting, both your QR code and your proof of identity need to be checked at the entrance.

Other precautions taken
We will be using the following measures to make this event as safe as possible:

  • Limited seats: a max of 50 partners in the audience;

  • Ventilation: we will maximize ventilation in the building;

  • Walking routes: Walking routes in and out of the meeting;

  • Plenty of space: we will be using different rooms for the meeting and entrance and drinks, to spread the crowd as much as possible.