Discount on GAINH Summit on 2nd & 3rd of June

Boris Polm KplusV • 28 April 2021

Global Access to Innovations in Healthtech Summit

Dates:  2-3 June 2021

Format: online event with live streams from the location

Organisors: EXCITE International, Health Innovation Netherlands, Hyphen Projects

Main contributors: Health~Holland, Dutch Ministery of Health, Medtronic


The Global Access to Innovations In Healthtech (GAINH) Summit will bring together important Transatlantic stakeholders for effective co-creation of health innovations to improve patient and economic outcomes. The programme will provide you with information and discussions about changes coming to the U.S. and European Regulator Agencies, emerging partnerships, the role of patients, new approaches, changes in funding and the difference between EU and the USA.

Health innovations are crucial for the sustainable future of our health care system. But the pathway from innovation to adoption is long, costly and full of (in some cases avoidable) hurdles. This summit aims to connect innovators and developers with important stakeholders such as health care providers, payers, investors. By doing this early on in the innovation process, important insights are gained and partnerships can be formed to better incorporate the needs of patients and health care providers. This will help SMEs to better navigate through the regulatory landscape, and in the end delivering health innovations with real patient benefits earlier, faster and more cost effective.

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Members and relations of Stichting MedtechPartners benefit from a discount of 25% on the registration fees if they use the voucher code GAINH2021KPV. It is not possible to get the discount retroactively.